Moustache must-haves

Moustache must-haves

Is your man trying out the trend for upper lip facial hair? Follow these top ‘tache tips to prevent it from becoming a moustache monster

Scruff alert

It might make you look like a dashing RAF officer, but if it’s not clean, that ‘tache is gonna be one big turn-off. We’re talking dry skin flakes, aka face dandruff. Give it a good wash on a daily basis to keep it spick and span.

Watch the crumbs

If you’re familiar with Roald Dahl’s The Twits, you’ll know that facial hair is a magnet for all sorts of disgusting food detritus. Now you’re a man with a mo’, a major problem is likely to be soup. Three words: use the napkin.

Spots and stuff

Ingrown hairs within your moustache can lead to pustules. Ew! Prevent an uncomfortable and unsightly outbreak of spots by using a facial scrub every few days to help clear away dry skin and free the trapped hair shafts that could cause problems. Try Gillette Thermal Facial Scrub to soften and condition after washing. Check out more skincare tips for men 

Trim and tidy

A stylish moustache does not look after itself. Now you’re going down the Magnum, P.I. route, you’ll have to think about how you’re going to keep your ‘tache tiptop tidy. Use nail scissors to trim stray hairs and prevent bushiness, and keep things neat with a beard trimmer if you’re looking for a less luxuriant effect.


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Re-think your razor

Shaving round your moustache is an acquired art. Get a specialised razor with a clean blade for better accuracy – the Gillette ProGlide Styler offers a trimming blade that can get right into those little corners and deals well with the rest of your beard too.

Moisturise your mo’

So you thought growing a moustache would be the easy way to cut down on personal care? Sorry: sprouting facial hair brings with it responsibilities. Like keeping it soft. (Your other half – and the kids - will thank you for it.) Moisture cream however can be hard to rub into a hairy upper lip. Opt instead for conditioning oil. Jojoba or vitamin E oils are a good choice.

Manage the itch

While your moustache is growing in, you may find your upper lip gets uber itchy. Don’t scratch! Keep a small stiff toothbrush handy and groom as necessary (this is best done in private, obvs – nip to the gents to get your fix). A regular application of conditioner (it’s for hair – check the bathroom) will help reduce itching too.

Speed up growth

If you’re desperate to boast a mo’ but fear your follicles aren’t up to it, you need to take pre-emptive action. It sounds counter-intuitive, but shaving daily even when you don’t need to will kickstart hair growth. Stick to this regime for a month or so before allowing your moustache to grow through. This is pretty tough on your face, so make sure you condition your skin with a gentle product like Gillette Series Aftershave Sensitive Skin Balm to both help growth and prevent soreness.

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The Silk-expert is a delight

The Silk-expert is a delight


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