Revive tired looking skin

Revive dull skin

There are plenty of ways to combat tired looking skin.

The appearance of tired looking, dull skin can be caused by a number of factors. Weather conditions, physical exercise and sleep (or lack of it), can all have an impact on how our skin looks and feels. If your skin lacks lustre, follow Beauty Recommended Editor, Annabel Jones simple beauty tricks to get clear, glowing skin and to reduce the signs of fatigue.

Get a Good Sleep
In order to combat tired looking skin, it is very important to get an adequate amount of sleep each night. During sleep, the production of collagen is accelerated which has anti-ageing properties, creating a fresh and youthful appearance. A good night’s sleep is an easy way to get younger looking skin.

Take Exercise
Cardiovascular exercise such walking, swimming, cycling and aerobics improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin. This helps to remove toxins from the body and creates a healthy glow.

Drink water
Drinking eight glasses of water a day helps to flush out toxins, carry nutrients through the body, replenish skin cells and tissues and increases elasticity of the skin. Each of these things helps to keep our skin looking young, awake and fresh.

Eye gel
To reduce the appearance of puffy or tired looking eyes, try using Olay Regenerist Advance Age-Defying Eye Roller, RRP £21.99 to help reduce the puffy area around the eyes.


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Olay Regenerist Advance Age-Defying Eye Roller

Wash your face with cold water
When you wake up in the morning splash your face with cold water and pat dry. This will stimulate blood circulation in the face, and help to revive your skin.

Skincare regime
It’s important to have a good skincare regime, cleansing and moisturising are vital to having bright fresh, healthy-looking skin. The Olay ESSENTIALS range is perfect for you with a smoothing facial scrub, moisturiser with SPF30 and wet cleansing wipes for girls on the go.

Olay ESSENTIALS Smoothing Face Scrub Olay ESSENTIALS complete care SPF 30 day lotion Olay ESSENTIALS Wet Cleansing Wipes

Finally, squeeze in an extra 5 minutes every day and night for a regular skin cleansing and moisturizing routine, you’ll start to look and feel revived almost immediately. Stress can cause dry skin and dullness, so also include exfoliation into your regime. To save time, try Olay Total Effects Radiance Enhancing Cream Wash, RRP £6.49, which will polish away dead skin cells whilst you’re cleansing, revealing fresh bright skin. Then, I’d recommend Olay Total Effects Wake up Wonder, RRP £11.99, which is designed to boost radiance and give an instant moisture boost.

Olay Total Effects Wake up Wonder

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Some great tips.I would really love to test some of these products,before I buy!

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Some great tips.Love learning something new! (i.e) i didn't know that during our sleep, the production of collagen is produced, accelerated, I presumed its stores just diminished with age!

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The Silk-expert is a delight

The Silk-expert is a delight


My opinion of the Braun Silk-expert has gone from strength to strength, it's been so easy to use and a delight to try out, I have been delighted with the results over the last 4 weeks and I'm so happy with the fact I am seeing less hair grow and at a slower rate than usual. This is a great product and really has changed the way I feel about IPL in a positive way! Thanks Braun.


by Ambassador

Body hair is already much finer with Silk-expert I

Body hair is already much finer with Silk-expert I


I have done my 3rd Braun Silk-expert IPL treatment I have noticed the hairs on my legs are softer and finer and my arms are also a lot finer - I am loving it so much! I'm sure after a few more treatments the results will be even more amazing.


by Ambassador