Why your skin looks tired

Does your skin need an energy boost? Olay principal scientist, Dr. Frauke Neuser explains the latest ‘anti-fatigue’ skin science

According to skin scientists at Olay, re-energising your skin is the next big thing in anti-ageing - but how can you put your skin cells on the treadmill to younger-looking skin?  Dr. Frauke Neuser, Olay Principal Scientist gives us the science low-down.

What you didn’t know about your skin cells
Did you know that each living skin cell has its own in-built power supply, and we can now measure how much energy a cell produces.  Olay’s skin scientists studied the facial skin of women from their 20s to their 60s and discovered that Skin Energy declines with age. In light of this new discovery, Olay’s skin scientists are the first to apply Cellular BioEnergetics research and technology to skincare in order to create new and more effective anti-ageing formulations.

Cellular Bio-Energetics – say what?
Cellular BioEnergetics is the study of energy production in living cells.  Breakthrough research shows ageing reduces the cells’ energy levels making them run down and less able to respond to external stresses – such as sun, pollution and so on. In short, low energy levels, cause Skin Fatigue and premature ageing. 


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What is Skin Fatigue?
Olay’s skin scientists developed the Skin Fatigue Theory to explain that just as our bodies’ energy levels and metabolism slow as we age, this is also true of our skin. On top, other skin energy drainers such as stress, poor nutrition, pollution and UV can also affect skin. The result is Skin Fatigue, an aged appearance and skin that’s less responsive to anti-ageing ingredients.

How does new skin energising technology in new Olay Regenerist work?
The concept of Skin Energy prompted Olay to reformulate its Olay Regenerist range, using new Skin Energising Technology containing Matrixyl™ (PAL-KTTKS), to fight the effects of Skin Fatigue. New Skin Energising Technology is a complex of three anti-ageing ingredients, OliveM™, Niacinamide and Matrixyl™ (Pal-KTTKS), that work together to energise skin’s appearance for visibly firmer, younger looking skin that’s full of energy.

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I was sent an email on April 12th from Beauty Recommended saying I had won an Olay Bundle and to choose which one then reply to the email with my choice which I of course did straightaway but have not received a response as of yet. Has anybody else received a similiar email ???. xx

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i have tried to get a sample of this wonder cream 'but so far i have not been lucky .

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would love to try this sample have asked to try lots of different samples but just don't seem to have any luck fingers crossed for this time.

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I would love to try this Olay Regenerist 3 point super anti ageing cream, tried to enter the competition to win a full size sample but it just takes me around in a loop.

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The Silk-expert is a delight


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