5 ageing fashion mistakes to stop making today

5 ageing fashion mistakes to stop making today

You know you’re in your prime – but is your wardrobe saying you’re past it?

Just like a good anti-wrinkle cream, your wardrobe choices in your 30s and 40s should be working hard to keep you looking as full of life as you feel. But despite keeping on top of the latest fashion trends and feeling confident with your own sense of style, sometimes making a few tweaks can take years off. Here’s how your wardrobe can help you shine whatever your age…

Dress like you

Of course, you want to update your wardrobe with the latest trends, but the beauty of being out of your insecure teens and 20s is learning what suits you. Buying cheap fast fashion just because it’s on trend will have the opposite effect and make you look like you are trying too hard.

Instead, invest in quality basics and stylish, timeless pieces that transition the seasons, and then sprinkle some fashionable pieces on top of those solid foundations. If you see a fashion-forward outfit you love on someone else, break it down and hone in on the elements that would work with your style and existing wardrobe.

Be choosy with black

There is nothing chicer than a well-designed black ensemble, however, wearing too much black can make complexions look sallow. Skin becomes thinner and paler in our 40s, and wearing heavy black close to the face can accentuate that, especially if you’re light skinned.

Instead, opt for light-reflecting white or softer tones near your face to help lift pale skin, or go for brights as a vibrant contrast if you have darker skin. If you love your black pieces too much to give them up, make sure you keep them in good condition so you feel and look fresh.

Apply a lint roll before you go out and ensure fabrics are well maintained by using Ariel 3 in 1 Pods, which lift stains while washing to keep clothing looking like new.

Get a well-fitted bra

When was the last time you were measured for underwear? Chances are, you’re probably wearing the wrong size – research shows up to 80% of women are, with 70% wearing a bra that is too small.

More than likely, after having children and throwing away the nursing bras, you went back to your old underwear regardless of whether it still fits. But wearing the right bra size can minimise your torso, make you look slimmer, and will change the way your clothes fit. Time to book a professional bra fitting!

Update your old favourites

Whether you have an aversion to cleaning out your closet or are just confident in a certain uniform, be aware that relying on your old favourites day in and day out will start to age you as modern trends change seasonally.

Instead, try switching out your favourite pieces with updated versions. Every year, staples such as your brown brogues, black jumpers, sneakers and white shirts will reappear in the shops with a new cut, fabric or way to wear each season. Simply tweak your tried-and-tested style to keep it looking up-to-date.

Avoid too much stretch

Stretchy jeans are comfortable, but sometimes you have to question how often you’re prioritising comfort over style. Jeans with too much stretch in them will end up giving you an unflattering and saggy bottom when the fabric starts to droop around your bum, backs of knees and thighs. Don’t buy jeans with more than 2% elastane and trust the slimming power of properly fitting denim.

The same rule applies for the rest of your wardrobe. Good tailoring will ensure your clothes look polished, stylish and complement your body shape. Make sure your trousers and jeans are the right length and avoid hiding your figure by dressing in shapeless sacks. Instead, opt for figure-flattering clothes that are nipped and tailored.

While you’re going through your wardrobe, why not jot down the fashion mistakes you have made in the past and share them with us? We’d love to hear from you; please post your comments below.


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