Daz Washing Liquid Whites & Colours 49 Washes

Daz has always been NO NONSENSE, but SERIOUS about cleaning. Now experience the REAL DEAL CLEAN with Daz washing liquid for BOTH Whites & Colours.

But what’s the point of washing liquid detergent you ask? Well it gets to work straight away, perfect if you’re doing a quick wash. Some people just prefer washing liquids over washing powder!

Daz has been doing this Brilliant cleaning thing since ’53, so it's safe to say we know our onions when it comes to CLEANING your clothes AND making sure your colourful clothes stay BRILLIANTLY COLORFUL!

Don’t underestimate Daz! And by the way, this wonderful detergent brand also comes in PODs and Powder variant (Just in case!).

If you love Daz so much that you want to tell us about it – use #IUSEDDAZ on social media and we will cry with happiness to hear your cleaning stories.

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