Daz ALL in 1 PODs Washing Capsules

Daz has always been no nonsense, but serious about cleaning. Now experience the most seriously clean cleaning ever: Daz ALL in 1 PODs. Daz has been doing this brilliant cleaning thing since ’53, so it's safe to say it knows its onions when it comes to cleaning your clothes.

Don’t underestimate Daz ALL in 1 PODs Washing capsules… They will clean deep, remove stains, brighten your whites and colours, freshen your clothes and they are even effective at 20 degrees. Daz ALL in 1 PODs Washing Capsules are your answer to seriously clean clothes and one POD is enough to clean one full load of dirty clothes.

Pow! Wow you're reading this far, you must love Daz! If you love Daz so much that you want to tell us about it – use #IUSEDDAZ on social media and we will cry with happiness to hear your cleaning stories.

WARNING! This product may be harmful and could cause serious injuries. Keep Daz PODs out of reach of children. Visit www.keepcapsfromkids.eu for more information.