Febreze Car Air Freshener Refill Blossom & Breeze

Febreze Car with Odourclear technology cleans away tough lingering odours from your car, leaving a light fresh scent up to 70 days (on low level and based on average driving conditions). Blossom & Breeze fragrance is inspired by the freshness of delicate soft petals. Fall in love with this graceful fragrance and create a blissful atmosphere in your car. Unlike most car fresheners that mostly masks with fragrance, Febreze Car Freshener truly cleans away odours, leaving nothing but a delightful fresh scent in your car. Febreze Car is an elegant device that clips on to your car's ventilation system and thanks to its new and unique Odourclear technology it cleans away odours and freshens your Car even from the toughest odours, such as food, pet, smoke or trash. You control the scent intensity by adjusting the stylish air freshener device to your preference so you can just sit back and enjoy Febreze freshness, whenever and wherever you drive – each refill lasts up to 70 days (on low level and based on average driving conditions) so you and your guests can breathe happy!