Flash Kitchen Cleaner Spray


If you’ve got a hard surface cleaning task in your home, one of these three Flash Task Sprays is sure to do the trick. Find out what you need to know below.

Flash with Bleach – This beauty packs a 3-in-1 punch. Combining the hygiene you need with the tough stain removal you love, Flash with Bleach also leaves you with the scent of Fresh Eucalyptus. It’s great on tough soils and stains on hard surfaces like cooker tops, worktops, sinks, ceramic tiles and surfaces made of porcelain enamel.

Flash Kitchen – Degrease is the word! With a powerful degreaser for those hard-to-shift oily marks and burnt on food, Flash Kitchen cuts down on scrubbing and maximises your cleaning. It’s perfect for quick, spotless results on cooker hobs and inside (as well as outside) your oven, with the degreasing effect of Fairy powerful cleaning. But don’t be shy to use it on other surfaces like cupboard doors and your microwave.

Flash Bathroom – Shiny, scented and free from soap-scum. That’s how Flash Bathroom spray will leave your room. And Flash Bathroom will keep it that way for longer too. That’s because the cleaning system that shifts the grime, soap-scum and watermarks in the first place, also keeps on working to prevent build up once the bathroom is used again. Flash Bathroom is recommended by Febreze.

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