Flash Magic Eraser

Flash Magic Eraser is an exciting multi-purpose hero that can help you say goodbye to all those stains you thought were part of the furniture. It’s made up of a substance called melamine. When you add water to it, the melamine hardens and forms little triangles that are able to effortlessly lift dirt from surfaces.

Once you’ve got hold of a Flash Magic Eraser, you’ll soon find yourself using it to clean everything and anything.

It can work it’s magic all over the place:

• Cooker tops
• Microwaves
• Oven hoods
• Pen and scuff marks on walls
• Grime on grouting
• Bath scum
• White trainers
• Plastic furniture
• Hub caps on cars
• Wine/tea stains

Always follow the usage instructions on the pack. If you’re using the product on a new surface, test on a discreet area first.