Old Spice Wolfthorn Shower Gel For Men 400 Ml

Who knew the wild scent of Wolfthorn could help to battle not-so-fresh-and-socially-dubious body odours? Maybe Aristotle or talking owls knew, but definitely not regular people or dumb owls. In the realm of animals and men known as earth, there is one animal intelligent enough to smell like the most fearsomely handsome animal of them all, and that is the man, who smells like the wolf would if a wolf smelled like a handsome man. That’s just the way things go in the realm I’m talking about. So If you ever plan to visit, learn how to smell good with Old Spice Wolfthorn first. Old Spice shower gel is a refreshing fragrance for men or noctural Creatures that aren’t afraid of their manliness (and shower gels).