Oral-B SmartSeries 6500 Electric Toothbrush

The new Oral B SmartSeries is the First of Its Kind with Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity to track your results and customize your brushing. It works with the Oral-B app to be your Best-brushing Brain, because it:

  • Communicates brushing data and stores your personal programme.
  • Gives guidance for better brushing
  • Programmes your brush settings.

For the Pro 6500, we took inspiration from professional cleaning tools. The CrossAction brush head features bristles angled at a dynamic 160 – perfect for getting deep between your teeth. So while the Oral-B 3D system busily oscillates, rotates, and pulsates away, they can quickly remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

The Oral-B Pro 6500 Black SmartSeries comes with 7 features:

  • Daily Clean Mode with 3D Movement + Triple Pressure Sensor
  • Gum Care
  • Sensitive Mode
  • Whitening Mode
  • Deep Clean Mode
  • Tongue Cleaner
  • A wireless SmartGuide for personalized oral care coaching

What you get: Rechargeable toothbrush handle, Charging station with brush head storage, Wireless SmartGuide app, Standard Travel Case, 4 toothbrush heads: 1 CrossAction, 1 Sensitive, 1 3D White, 1 Floss Action. 2 year warranty (can be increased to 3 years).

What you don’t get:
A phone to go with our SmartSeries app. (Sorry.)