10 new ways to plan a holiday

10 new ways to plan a holiday

Check out Supersavvyme’s family holiday planner to make sure your summer holiday is fun, stress-free and involves activities for you all to enjoy.

Smart strategies to create a fun, stress-free summer holiday with the family.

Change ‘Are we there yet?’ to ‘Wow, that was quick!’ by planning your family holidays differently from the very start. Little details can make all the difference. Stay open and flexible, leave sufficient time to avoid hurrying, and welcome your kids’ input as part of all your holiday plans. If they feel more involved, it should make everything from packing their suitcases to days out a lot less stressful adventure.

Before you go
1. When researching what fun activities to do while you’re away, have a family gathering. Present everyone with a range of reasonable choices you’ve already scoped out and then let the kids help create your itinerary. Wouldn’t you rather know ahead of time that they don’t really want to see the zoo? Then go online to find kid-friendly holiday activities at the places you choose, so you know when’s best to visit.

On the way
2. While traveling, take some time to play with your children, get them interested in the scenery, and sit next to them, taking an interest and arousing their imagination. Sing a song together as a family.

3. Keep children active at rest stops, train stations, or airports. Take a ball or some games along and find a spot to play.

While you’re on holiday
4. There are plenty of times when you have to make last-minute decisions during family breaks, perhaps due to weather or other circumstances. Always have a museum or indoor event in mind as a back-up activity.


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5. Arrange holiday activities that don’t involve too much travelling, especially on the days just after you have arrived and the day before you have to come back.

6. Establish a few family ‘road rules’. For example, everyone gets a chance to plan at least one day trip or favourite thing to do.

7. Plan physical activities in the morning and some downtime to unwind after lunch – in a park, at the beach or for a nap. Then fit in another idea, perhaps a little less demanding than the morning activity, and make it something you all want to do.

8. If possible, have a little time without the children. Take in a spa treatment, relax in a hot tub, walk on the beach, stop in a shop, or splurge on a great meal.

After the trip
9. Make a slideshow of the holiday photos you all took and share favorite memories, remembering highlights, crazy moments, and good times.

10. A family trip can be outside the comfort-zone but half the fun is exploring a new place together. Brainstorm where you might go next summer while the happy times are still fresh in your mind.

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