Cheap Nights In

5 cheap but fun nights in

With costly Christmas coming up, here are five fun things to do to get you into the party season spirit while saving money and spending quality time at home with friends.

DIY quiz night

Get everyone who’s taking part to create one round of questions each and take turns being quizmaster. That way you don’t have to spend days preparing – just concentrate on the nibbles and having a laugh.

NEAT IDEA Create a picture round by cutting out photos from celeb magazines and putting a sticker over their faces, then your guests have to name them.

Front room fashion show

Got a daughter who’s always telling you to update your wardrobe? Challenge her and her friends to create a style advice evening where they give you and your friends a “show and tell” lowdown on the latest fashion trends and the season’s coolest make-up shades.

NEAT IDEA Let them do your hair too, it’s a relaxing treat.

Holiday tips swap

Invite a few friends to bring round photos of their favourite holiday. Exchange ideas and experiences – a great way to get inspiration for your next getaway and to hear a few juicy stories along the way!


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NEAT IDEA Put everyone’s names on little labels then pin these onto a map to see how intrepid you all are.

Christmas gift photo session

Set up a couple of classy settings in your home and get friends or family round for a fun and informal photo shoot.

NEAT IDEA From keyrings to calendars, you can go online or to your local photo shop and make your shots into lovely personalised presents for loved ones.

Party season prep

Even a night in on your own doesn’t have to be quiet. Put your favourite music on, dig out your party outfits and have fun putting together fresh outfit combinations. It’s also an ideal chance to replace lost buttons etc before your gladrags are needed at Christmas parties.

NEAT IDEA Check out YouTube for quick video tutorials that will show you how to get the latest make-up looks for face, eyes and lips.

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