Five clever Halloween costume ideas for the whole family

Trick or treat? Going door-to-door with the kids for sweets is even more fun when you all dress up together. Check out at these ideas for costumes for everyone.

Going trick or treating with your little one in a “scary” (adorable) costume is good fun, but why just tag along when you could join in with your own costume?

The best way to enjoy Halloween is as a family. So this year, try starting a new tradition with cool, scary or hilarious co-ordinated costumes. You’ll feel more together than ever when you’re all having a laugh in your new outfits.

Getting costumes for all the family doesn’t mean breaking the bank at the fancy dress shop though. You’ll be amazed at the things you can create – and at all the giggles you can have together getting ready.

Even if you can’t sew or don’t have the time, there’s lot you can do with found items at home, with old clothes from the back of the wardrobe and props from the kids’ toy box.

And after the kids are in their sugar coma, it’s easy to get all the smears of face paint and chocolate off the clothes that you adapted for their costume. Ariel Excel washing gel removes greasy make-up stains first time – so you can use a favourite costume again and again.

So take a look at these simple, quick costume ideas to turn trick or treating into a magical family time.

Super family

Is it a flock of birds? A squadron of planes? No, it’s a whole family of superheroes! Join in with your kids’ love of comic book characters with this simple, fun costume. If you’ve got long-sleeved T-shirts and leggings for everyone, then the basics are already there.

You can easily cut out fabric masks and superhero belts, then add special insignia to a cape and chest using a stencil and fabric paint. It’s even more fun to dream up your own superheroes and decide on their powers. (Super Mum does everything at once, for instance!)

The monster mash-up

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some terrifying creatures, like vampires, witches and ghosts. But it’s a little less scary and more fun for kids when the monsters are part of a happy family.

Why not try going as a family of Egyptian mummies, roused from their tomb? All you need is plenty of gauze (try to wear white underneath, so your modern-day clothes don’t show through.) You can leave the face exposed and finish with some scary make-up.

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Alternatively, you could be a Franken-family with some green make-up and neck bolts bought from the shop, or a group of vampires with sweeping capes and scary fangs.

Then of course there’s the ready-made Addams Family, which involves little more than black clothes and pale faces, a long black wig for you, a pencil moustache for hubbie, plaits for your little Wednesday and a striped top for Puglsey. You could even recruit extended family members for an Uncle Fester and Lurch!

A royal family

If your little girl has her heart set on being a princess, you can all join in on the theme with costumes for the king and queen, while the boys can dress as knights in armour.

She’ll already have her favourite princess dress, but you can use lengths of velvet to make royal capes and spray cardboard crowns a shiny gold. Cut out a sword and shield and spray with silver for your young Sir Lancelot.

Famous couples

Of course, the kids won’t always agree on a theme for their costumes. There’ll be times when one insists on being a robot while the other just has to be Spider-Man. But that doesn’t mean you and your other half can’t create a cute coordinated look as a famous couple.

Take the tragic lovers Antony and Cleopatra, for instance. He’ll just need a tunic, leather sandals, a cloak and a cardboard laurel crown.

You might need a wig, but the rest can be done with a white dress and some cut-out gold fabric decorated with rhinestones for Cleopatra’s Egyptian collar and cuffs. Complete the look with some colourful cat-eye make-up.

Alternatively, you could break out the bed-sheet togas to be the Greek god and goddess Adonis and Aphrodite, or pick your favourite pop star pair or big screen couples.

What’s your favourite idea for Halloween costumes for the whole family? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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