5 Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

When preparing your children’s costumes for Halloween, whether a new baby, toddler or youngster, Halloween is more fun when parents join in the spirit of the holiday.

Win the costume contest at the Halloween party. The options for outfits are endless. Let your child inspire the theme and push beyond their common choices of princesses or pirates. Dress as a pair of buccaneers in search of candy booty with your tiniest tot dressed like a colorful parrot.

Start a new family tradition this October. Forget store-bought outfits, invent your own quick and easy costume and turn this family activity into a magical time. How about one of the following suggestions:

Super Family

Comic book characters are a popular idea among kids -- and adults. Why not make your family the action champions? The elements for these costumes are simple: colorful tights under shorts, a T-shirt, a cape, a mask, athletic shoes, and a special insignia.

Create a name for your super powers to show off your talents and qualities: Skating Ace, Crusader Kids or the Mega Masters. How do you want to save the world? Perhaps each member of your family can portray a different hero. We know you always could be “Super Mom” on Halloween, walking hand-in-hand with Super Dad, Super Baby and Super Kid.

The Monster Mashup

Halloween is often associated with horror with typical costumes like vampires, witches and ghosts. Indulge your fantasies with a pair of terrifying creatures -- a couple of zombies, bloody vampires or slimy sea beasts -- or mix it up with your kid’s costume. Be inspired by supernatural legends and modern myths. Here are some to choose from:

• an abominable snowman, also known as Yeti, Bigfoot or Sasquatch
• Frankenstein and his bride
• mummies (and daddies) wrapped in gauze
• a pair of hairy werewolves

Let your imagination run wild and makeup your own new creepy spirit.

Royal Flush


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One of the all-time favorite costumes for little girls is the princess, so why not dress up as a royal family, the king and queen, princess and prince from Medieval times or another era.

A variation on this theme is to play it as chess pieces. Of course, there’s the king and queen (mom and dad) with game pieces including a bishop, knights and little pawns. Use a black and white checkerboard as a motif on your outfit.

Famous Couples

Throughout history and in books and movies, real and fictitious romantic couples have become powerful pairs. Try on these personas:

• Greek god and goddess Aphrodite and Adonis
• Antony and Cleopatra
• Romeo and Juliet
• Napoleon and Josephine
• Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn - or one of his other wives
• Pop music pairs
• Movie star couples - with adoring fans in sunglasses and phones for selfies

A Twist on a Theme

Beyond the usual robots, aliens, clowns and cute critters, think of a telling a story. Tap your hobbies and pastimes for ideas. Are you a musician? Be a duo, a band or orchestra and maybe even perform.

• Recreate a funny twist on a current news event
• Portray a famous work of art
• Play favorite athletes (with a child referee!)
• Be a bouquet of flowers with your baby as a bee or butterfly

Sometimes the hardest part of making a costume for a Halloween party is deciding which one. Have fun brainstorming. If you can’t sew or don’t have the time, you can fashion an outfit with found items at home. Your closets contain a treasure trove of possibilities from hats to boots, old glasses, goggles, gloves and scarves. Makeup and props complete the transformation.

Halloween is your chance to reveal your alter egos!

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