5 inspiring activities for school holidays

5 inspiring activities for school holidays

Let the kids veg out without them turning into potato heads!

It’s important to allow children to relax and rest when they are not at school, but they love keeping busy – so make the fun count!
Here are five fun activities for children from sports to arts and crafts so they won’t have time to be bored.

1. Keep the kids active with sports they love
Children need to have at least 60 minutes daily exercise that gets their hearts pumping. Maybe half an hour of swimming, a cycle ride later in the day and just running around in the garden. Exercise also makes you feel good and can help with concentration and sleep.
Try these five fun park games for children.

2. Take a trip with friends

Many museums have free indoor activities for kids in the holidays, but if your child suspects that all sounds a bit too much like ‘school work’, invite their mates along. It’s a social occasion for you and other mums, too.

3. Check out the Summer Reading Challenge

Most local libraries run an informal ‘challenge’ during the school holidays to see how many books each child can read. They don’t have to be hard books, so it’s a fun way to keep your kids busy and there are often free events organised. Find out more at readingagency.org.


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4. Stay organised

You can’t be the kids’ entertainer 24/7 – encourage your children to organize themselves by suggesting projects like holding a crafts day with friends in the garden, or get them to plan and make a tea party for granny. Try these ideas for Indoor free activities for kids.

5. Get your child to keep a diary

Get your child to create a summer scrap book – even if they just draw or stick tickets and postcards etc into a book, it gives them a fun, informal focus at the end of each day.

Savvy tip
Plan trips for the morning. The kids will be more awake and enthusiastic, and can always flop at home in the afternoon as energy levels start to flag.

Pass it on – amazing summer activity ideas

Check out tons of creative ideas for the summer holidays, including days out reviewed by mummy bloggers: The savvy guide to keeping the kids entertained.

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