5 must-do holiday experiences

5 must-do holiday experiences

Entertain younger children and inspire older ones to get out and do something special in the school break. Let them…

1. Have a sleepover
No having to get up for school allows a bit with leeway on super-tired kids the next morning! Make it special for your child and his or her guest – create a ‘camp’ in the bedroom then give them a set of clues leading to a ‘treasure box’ of treats they can share (games, snacks, a disposable camera for silly snaps, etc).

2. Become a wildlife expert

Use your garden or the park as your child’s ‘safari’ zone to get to know insects and worms. Make sure you all take care when touching any wildlife that you don’t harm it and that children wash hands after digging around. Then find out more in the kids’ zone of the Natural History Museum’s website.

3. Dip toes in the sea

Even if you’re not having a holiday by the sea or abroad, it’s worth a daytrip to the coast to say ‘hello’ to the sea. To make the most of your trip, check our savvy beachcombing ideas.

4. Spend days outside

Stay sun safe and protect your family’s skin, then get outside! From growing plants to creating new ‘art’, check out our Garden projects for kids or all ages.


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5. Throw a summer party

When the kids are off school make the most of weekends or days off all together by inviting friends and family round. Give restless children fun tasks to do so they take ownership of the whole event. Check out these Fab summer party themes.

Savvy tip

Mark the summer with photos of the special and silly things your kids get up to. Frame them all together in a big clipframe and come September, you’ll have some sunny memories on your kitchen wall.

Pass it on – your summer sorted!

From ideas to try at home to days out to mummy bloggers’ insider tips, check out our complete guide to how to entertain the kids this summer.

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