A vehicle for self expression

Your car says so much about who you are. You choose the make and model with care and select a colour that reflects your personality.  But there are other ways to make your car uniquely ‘you’.

Whether you want to customise and embellish, tidy up and refresh, or make a wild statement when you’re out on the road, here are few ideas to try out.


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  1. A re-spray can give your car a new lease of life. Pick an unusual colour to create real stand-out. If you’re feeling creative, go for vinyl stickers – some companies will even let you design your own look.
  2. New seats or even just re-covered seats can make a big difference to the look and feel of your car’s interior. There are a wealth of fabrics and finishes to choose from. Go for a warm luxury velour, a stylish leather or a hardwearing corduroy. The choices are endless.
  3. If you’re prepared for the cost, a personalized number plate will always get you noticed.
  4. Sometimes something small can make all the difference. Choose a new air freshener that reflects your own unique style and feel proud of that fresh fragrance the next time you rescue a colleague from the rain. Try a new air freshener with a scent that reflects who you are/ with a unique scent that you like.
  5. Give your car a welcoming, warm feel. Use colourful cushions and throws on the back seats so the kids can have a more comfy ride. And don’t forget the sun blinds for babies!
  6. Just like your favourite outfit, adding a few accessories will complete your car’s look. Snooker ball gearstick handles, animal print steering wheel covers, retro ornaments, beaded seat covers and rear-window signs are just some additions you may enjoy.

However you decide to jazz up your car, get noticed and improve your driving experience, always make sure you express yourself!

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