Bring Brazil spirit into your home

Bring Brazil spirit into your home

Give in to football fever this summer with South American sunshine, recipes and fun - it's for the whole family

Like football or not, this summer’s top sporting event is rousing a festival atmosphere in everyone. That’s because it’s happening in exotic, exciting Brazil. Prepare to join the party and get the spirit of samba and carnival in your home (while educating your children about the world) with our easy food and fun ideas

Try tasty Brazilian recipes

Feijoada – hearty pork and beans
Feijoada is the national dish – a filling stew with black beans and pork. Cook up a family-sized pot-full with this easy feijoada recipe and it makes a perfect TV dinner for several days for the whole family.

Moqueca – fish stew
Fans of fish should try tasty Moqueca. This hearty fish stew, a traditional favourite from the North East of Brazil, is packed with healthy ingredients to keep your family going during the summer of sport and its super colourful too.

Make yummy Brazilian snacks

Pao de queijo – Brazilian cheese bread
Everyone in Brazil eats this traditional cheese bread. And once you’ve made it you’ll know why. Crispy outside and meltingly soft in the middle; whip up a batch of these and you’ll have fans for life. What’s more Pao de Queijo is much easier to make than traditional bread. Try this Pao de Queijo recipe.

Coxinhas – Brazilian chicken croquettes
Bite-sized Brazilian coxinhas are a popular street food and another snack that’s perfect to serve up in front of the telly and packed with protein to keep little ones full and happy. Try this Coxinha recipe.


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Enjoy Brazilian treats for afters

Beijinhos and brigadeiros
Your kids will love helping out with making either or both of these traditional sweet treats from Brazil. Beijinho (grated desiccated coconut mixed with condensed milk and rolled into balls covered with caster sugar – try this beijinho recipe, and brigadeiro (similar but made with condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder – try this brigadeiro recipe . Both incredibly moreish.

Go bananas
Brazilians go bananas over bananas. So if you want to feel truly Brazilian, whip up a tasty banana smoothie with bananas and lashing of milk. Or try this caramelised banana dessert - delicious and really quick and easy to make.

Try this non alcoholic Caipirinha recipe. Ultra-thirst quenching if there’s a lot of shouting at the TV going on.

Share Brazilian culture

Make samba instruments
Samba is the spirit of Brazil. Let your kids join in the performance with our easy to make musical instruments that they can shake to support their team during the World Cup. Then find a friend who’s done Capoeira classes and get a few mates together for a night of dance at home. It’s great fun and a good way to keep fit, and the music is a feelgood confidence booster for any time of the day. Or learn some samba moves from You Tube. The official song for Brazil’s celebrations this summer is called We are one (ola ola) and it’s extremely catchy, so give it a listen and start shaking those hips.

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