Can’t fail trips for all ages

Can’t fail trips for all ages

Keep young ones and teenagers happy on the same day out with these ideas. You don’t expect to spend every day as a family unit once your older children enjoy their independence, but the occasional day out all together can create a special memory worth the effort.

Sea views
Toddlers, ‘tweenies’ and teens all love to get close to the animal world, but a trip to the zoo might be too staid. Instead, take a boat trip off the coast for wildlife watching. If possible, find a trip that offers an option like swimming, diving or just the chance to take the helm – adding an active element will get your older kids fired up.

Special zoo trips
If you don’t live near the coast, a trip to the zoo can still be more exciting than watching penguins’ feeding time. Check for special events at your nearest zoo, eg a chance for children to handle snakes or get stuck into feeding sessions. Smaller children get a kick out of watching older brothers or sisters try something daring and afterwards you can find safer zoo thrills for them to enjoy too.

Get climbing
There are climbing centres all over the UK and almost all of them cater for many ages from about 5 years up (some start at 7 years). The centres have different walls for varied levels of ability, so even your teens will be to challenge themselves.


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Savvy tip
Ask your teenager for help planning the perfect day – if they give you their ideas they’ll be more enthusiastic to give the trip a go.

Pass it on – Go wild, together
Check the Wildlife Trust’s website for events around the UK that suit a range of ages. Take the whole family on an evening or nighttime walk for a very different trip out.

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