Celebrate everyday victories

Celebrate everyday victories

Besides traditional festive days such as Christmas or birthdays, celebrating small victories and achievements in the family is a great way to build a happier home. Here are some occasions for celebration, and ideas to create fun times around the house.

Create your own family celebrations

Think of everyday victories you would like to rejoice over with your family; it could be:
- A great report card at school
- A milestone like learning the alphabet or how to ride a bike
- A school project
- A compliment from a teacher
- A game win, or a special game coming up
- A well-kept bedroom or play area
- A promotion at work or a great review
- … or why not the pet’s birthday

Ask your family members to come up with suggestions so they feel part of the project too.

Slightly plan the celebration timing

Celebration opportunities could come up several days in a row and then nothing for some time. Set a rough schedule in your mind for how often the celebrations should happen and just make sure that if too much time goes by without a celebration opportunity, you’ll remember to create one.

Ways to celebrate

It doesn’t necessarily take much to make someone feel special – and make everyone else embrace the good mood.

- Cook his or her favourite meal
- Let him or her choose the family food for that meal (to be chosen from your fridge and cupboards groceries of course)
- Ask everyone around the table to pay a compliment or say something special to the family member who is being acknowledged: “what I like most about you is…”, “what I like to do most with you is …”
- Decorate the dining table with party paper plates and napkins. Supermarkets sell such disposable items at very reasonable prices. Stock up!
- Purchase party attires like fun hats or garlands
- Edit and print a certificate downloaded from the Internet, saying for example “I hereby certify that … is now able to ride a bike, fully on his/her own.” Adding your location, date, signature and framing will make it look even more real. You can then offer it during dinnertime and later expose it in the child’s room or in your living room
- Relax all together with a movie or a game to continue the celebration after dinner.


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