Christmas card making with the kids

Make your own Christmas cards with the kids

Six lovely ideas for homemade greetings cards your family can make.

Spending time making things for Christmas with your children is a great way to share the excitement of the season, spend time together on wintry days, and get a task done at the same time. And personally crafted greetings add a lovely little touch that spreads Christmas cheer among loved ones you send them to.

Christmas Cards that toddlers and under-5s can make

  • Handprint Santas – get your kids to make handprints in skin-coloured poster paint onto the front of the cards. Let these dry and then get a pen and draw little faces on each fingerprint. Then draw a little red Santa hat on the top of the thumb and green hats on the fingers to make helper elves.
  • Christmas selfies – get the children to dress up in silly costumes (e.g. wearing homemade reindeer ears and a red button nose, or tinsel ‘hats’ ) and have fun taking pictures of themselves. Print these out on normal paper (it’s cheaper and easier to glue onto card than in proper photographic prints).

Cards that children under-10 can make


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  • Pre-loved reboots – get a handful of last year’s Christmas cards (or even old birthday cards) to cut up and recycle. They kids can cut out bits of the pictures to make a new festive scene, or simply cut colourful bauble shapes, which look lovely if you arrange them in threes on one colourful background.
  • Festive frames – children who love to draw or paint their own scenes can cut out strips of an old Christmas card to create a frame around the outside of their pictures.

Cards over-10s can make

  • Gorgeous graphics – make the most of your kid’s computer smarts and encourage them to make digital festive patterns that can be printed out and glued onto card.
  • Getting crafty – cut out and sew little bauble or tree shapes (about 5 cm high) made from scraps of old fabric, adding just a little stuffing so they have a subtly 3D look. Sew a small piece of ribbon to the top of each. Carefully make a hole in the front of the greeting card and thread the ribbon through, gently attaching it with a little tape on the inside flap, so the front looks like a little decoration hanging down. These look great as cards, and your friends get a decoration they can keep to hang on their tree in coming years.

Be sure to supervise your children at all times. 

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Think I'll be making the Festive Frames - great idea.

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great way of keeping the kids entertained thanks

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This article gives great ideas for xmas

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