Christmas Party Planner – Time to get organised

The no-fuss Christmas party planner

Keep it simple and fun, and you can organise a festive gathering of family and friends in no time.

Two weeks before

Set a date for your Christmas party. Choose a day that suits your family and set a time such as 5pm to 10pm to give people who have a hectic party season the chance to drop in, if only for an hour. Pick a theme to give your planning some focus. Then rally the kids and get them writing invitations or making phone calls. You can post a to-do list on the fridge so everyone knows their responsibilities.

One week before

Set a budget – you don’t want to overspend, and having a spending limit will help you focus on choosing the food and drink you really want to serve.

Next, draw up the menu. Keep it simple and stick to dishes you know. The best choices are meals that can be prepared in advance and reheated, or quickly assembled. After all, you want to be having fun with guests, not slaving away in the kitchen. For ideas, check out how to make a party buffet in 60 minutes.

Lastly, scan the shops for drinks offers: you can get great discounts for party-sized orders.

Two days before

Check the list of who’s coming so you can make sure you’ve planned for the right numbers. Get the kids working on the music playlist and party games. Make a last check of the ingredients and supplies you need and try to get any remaining shopping completed today.


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If any of your dishes can be made ahead of time, get cracking on them now. Check there are enough ice cubes in the freezer – stocking up with ice cube bags can be a great way to make enough ice for big crowds.

Christmas party day!

Over breakfast, come up with a plan of action so the whole family can help. Even little ones can clear away magazines or help move the sofa!

If you haven’t got all your Christmas decorations up already, some tinsel and table coverings will add colour. Scent can really make the ambience inviting, so why not add a Febreze candle to your table setting, for a gently soothing fragrance throughout the room.

Work backwards from when guests are due, add in the amount of time you need to get yourself dolled up, and then allow yourself at least a couple of hours to get the food ready. Get the rest of the family on drinks duty to give yourself time to get changed: the kids can prepare some non-alcoholic ones.

Then when it’s all over, the rest of the family can make short work of the clear-up with Fairy dishwasher tablets, and you can put your feet up for a well-earned rest!

Lacking inspiration? Try these fun ideas for Christmas parties.

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