Create a luxurious bank holiday weekend break for friends and family in the comfort of your own home

If you don’t host overnight visitors often, chances are your guest room has become more of a storage unit than a relaxing space for your family. In these three steps you can make sure your guest room is ready and most importantly, welcoming.

Step one: Clear and Fresh
When guests come to stay, it’s important to create a beautiful environment so they can relax and indulge on their weekend break, making them feel like they are in a luxury guesthouse. We all know finishing touches really make a room, but the first step is to ensure you have cleared and refreshed the space.
As you clean, make sure you have three boxes ready to fill with items for ‘storage’, ‘charity’ and ‘rubbish’.

Here is a useful bedroom ideas checklist to make sure nothing is missed:

  • Create space for your guests to house their personal items by freeing up a couple of draws for them, why not line the draws with matching wallpaper or scented liners for that personal touch
  • If you’re using the space under your bed for additional storage then find somewhere else to house it while your guests are staying to make them feel like the room is theirs alone,  
  • Dust down the TV, fan, bed frame, furniture, blinds, lamps and light fittings
  • Why not use some Lenor Infusions Pink Topaz and Magnolia to give your bed linen and towels a luxury feel and  welcoming fragrance that make your guests feel right at home
  • Finally, vacuum your carpet and clean your floors. Don’t forget the corners!

TIP: Envision your beautiful, organised guest room and think ‘does this item belong?’ If not, it needs to find a new space, be stored away or donated to charity.

Step two: Finishing Touches
Now your room is clean and organised it’s time to truly make a beautiful and lasting impression with your home decor.


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  • Candles: A recent survey showed that 1 in 10 people rank candles as their favourite bedtime  fragrance.* Invest in some for your room, so your guest can relax and unwind.
  • Guest basket: Give guests small presents or go functional with towels, soap and tissues.
  • Flowers: The morning of your guest’s arrival, buy fresh flowers for the room. It will lighten up the space and make them feel welcome.

Step three: Continue the Luxury Experience
Now your guest room is complete, it’s important to ensure the comfortable experience continues through the rest of your home. 

  • Bathroom: Add candles to the bathroom so your guests know you are happy for them to relax if needed. It’s their holiday break and they will appreciate the opportunity to unwind and feel at home
  • Kitchen: On the day of your guest arrival, why not  try out some baking recipes. Almost 50% (49%) of Brits say that the scent of a baking cake lifts their mood during the day.*
  • Living Room: This will most likely be where you and your guests will spend the most time. After tidying, place flowers around the room to brighten up the space. Nearly 1 in 5 women say that the  fragrance of vanilla lifts their mood during the day*, so why not place an Ambipur Vanilla plug-in the room to help keep guests relaxed and happy.

* Research from Ambi Pur surveyed 2,000 people. Conducted by One Poll January 2013.

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