Creating magic moments at home

Creating magic moments at home

Not every great family memory has to be an expensive day out – try these ideas for quality time together.

Before the kids go back to school, take a few hours to do something different and it will give everyone a lift.

Make a family portrait
Create a garden setting and let the kids choose favourite outfits (including those for mum and dad) for a formal photograph that a friend can take for you, or make a ‘family box’ with keepsakes representing each family member, or sit down together to sift through old photos to put in a composite frame to hang in your hall.

Find a summer soundtrack
Pool your music collections and decide on the perfect selection of songs to play in the kitchen or the car on days out. You’ll have fun, even if you have to agree to disagree on some of the choices to include, and next time you hear those songs you’ll remember this summer.


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Get the cousins over
As years go by, it’s often older children’s commitments – Saturday soccer teams, girlfriends, school work – that mean extended families get to see each other only at weddings or Christmas. Use the holidays to invite cousins over for a one-night sleepover. Your own kids might not have played with them since they were all toddlers, but if they are of similar age, they’ll find something to bond over.

Savvy tip
Don’t let the school holiday breaks slip by. At the start of each week get everyone to put at least one idea on a list on the fridge – something they need to sort or that they’d really love to do – then make it your goal to tick them all off by the next weekend.

Pass it on – party in the park
Make your next trip to the park a little more exciting with our Five fun park games.

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