Do something different this weekend

Do something different this weekend

Keep family life varied with some fun new ways to spend time together. Here are some ideas to break out of your routine.

If your family life’s a bit ‘same old same old’, even the fun things you do together can start to get a bit boring. Here are some ideas to break out of your routine.

1. Buy a new food your family has never tasted before.
For example, plantain looks and smells like a banana but it’s more like a vegetable and must be cooked (boiled, fried, grilled or baked).

2. Learn a new word each night and see who can build it into conversation the next day.
To start you off, these suggestions were taken from a list of the nation’s favourite words: discombobulated, turpitude, mellifluous, quincunx, termagant (you’ll have to look the meanings up)!


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3. Go somewhere you’ve never been.
Stick a pin in a local map and cycle to that spot, or take the long way home when you collect the kids from school via roads you’ve never walked down. To find some great cycle routes in your area, check out this website.

4. Do a clothes swap.
Gather together those clothes in your wardrobe that you never wear but are too good to give away. And tell some friends (of similar dress sizes!) to do the same. Invite them round and have a try-on and swap session. It’s not about getting rid of your castoffs – it’s about giving lovely clothes to people you’re fond of. And remember it doesn’t just have to be for mums, dads and the kids can get in on the act too!

5. Try a new sport.
If your family are really into football, find out where the local rugby or cricket team are playing next (depending on what’s in season). They don’t have to be a big club but it might inspire you all to get into the park and try a new sport yourselves. Or find an ice rink or indoor ski slope near to you – great fun even for the biggest kids in the house.

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