It’s Easter Monday – let’s have a picnic!

It’s Easter Monday – let’s have a picnic!

Tips for a perfect outdoor lunch and family games for a fun-filled afternoon.

Instead of spending all of your bank holiday in the kitchen, go outdoors and keep things casual with a picnic.

Never go without...

  • A few small cushions and a large blanket with a waterproof backing in case the grass is damp.
  • A paper table cloth in case you end up covering a table in a park’s picnic area instead.
  • With someone special – take a picnic basket with compartments organised for carrying proper plates and cutlery. With the kids – it’s practical to use disposable tableware.
  • Cupholders, so plastic cups don’t fall over in a puff of wind.
  • A knife, for cutting cold meats and cheese.
  • A cool bag, to keep drinks cold (plus a bottle opener).
  • Wet wipes to freshen up with.
  • A spare bag to bring your rubbish and recyclables home in.

Picnic food ideas...
The choice, obviously, depends on your tastes, but food should be practical to eat and kept in containers with lids to prevent ants getting in on the act.

Why not try these recipes from our Picnic on a budget selection?

Mozzarella kebabs
Spicy drumsticks
Salmon tart
Savoury scones
Couscous pots


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After lunch, it’s time to play games!

Flower hunters – provide the kids with a disposable camera to capture pictures of plants and animals. When they get home they can research online and name their photos.

The sounds of the forest– divide everyone into two groups. The first group collects stones, twigs and leaves then ‘plays’ them like instruments (even if it’s just banging them together). The second group, with their eyes closed, tries to identify the objects making the sounds.

Orienteering– teach the kids how to create a compass with a needle. Float a leaf in a cupful of water. Magnetise the needle by rubbing it against a magnet and place it on the leaf. It will immediately point to the north!

If the weather turns wet…
Have your picnic in the lounge. Move the sofa out of the way and lay out your plates on your blanket.

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