Family movies for summer 2013

Family movies for summer 2013

Grab your popcorn and head for a family day out at the cinema- here is a round-up of the best family films showing during the school holidays.

For ages four and up

Despicable Me 2 – Out now

Having been rendered adorable by three loving young girls in the first movie, here the former evil mastermind Gru is recruited to save the world from another arch-villain, in this wonderfully witty animation.
GREAT FOR: 5 years and up. Small kids love the little yellow minions, older kids get the jokes and parents swoon at the cute love story.

Monsters University – Out now

Thanks to the DVD, many children know the funny antics of these unlikely heroes from Monsters Inc. In this prequel we get to see what Mike and Sulley got up to as teenagers.
GREAT FOR: 5years and up. Clever enough to keep parents and 10-year-olds laughing while little ones enjoy seeing cuddly uglies behaving badly.

Planes – Out Aug 16

If you like Pixar’s ‘Cars’ then this animated adventure in the sky should appeal for an easy afternoon at the movies.
GREAT FOR: Under-10s. The humour is easy to spot and there aren’t as many clever, fast-talking lines to catch.


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For ages 10 and up

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – Out August 7

A stylish action adventure movie based on Rick Riordan’s books about a Harry Potter-esque boy with special powers. Just switch wizards for ancient gods and you’ll get the picture.
GREAT FOR: Fearless 10-year-olds and up. It’s rated PG and will suit older kids who were up to the pace and ferocity of the later Harry Potter movies.

Jurassic Park 3D – Out Aug 23

Spielberg’s movie about dinosaurs who turn nasty after being brought to life in the modern world is back in a thrilling new 3D treatment. GREAT FOR: Daring 10-year-olds and up. It’s rated PG and gory things happen so this is NOT suitable for four-year-olds even if they’re REALLY into dinosaurs!

For teenagers

The Lone Ranger – Out August 7

In this movie Cowboys and Indians get the James Bond treatment with death-defying stunts, Armie Hammer as the masked avenger and Johnny Depp as his mysterious sidekick Tonto.
GREAT FOR: Thrill seeking teenagers. This film is rated PG-13, it’s dark and daring.

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