Family time: things to do in a week

Family time: things to do in a week

Great ways to spend quality time with your children when you have a whole week together. There are lots of great ways of making the most of time when parents and children can be together in school holidays and at bank holiday weekends, even if you are saving your holiday budget for the summer break.

Get sporty together
Many local sports clubs run two- to five-day courses for adults and children on themes like improving tennis skills.

Paint the garden wall
Garden décor usually gets neglected even if the inside of your home has been made over recently. Painting a fence doesn’t require fine-brush skills so even relatively young children can join in. Just make sure you supervise them at all times!

Go camping
There are lots of great low-cost campsites around the country and even if it’s out of season you can just wrap up that little warmer. Or get the tents out and camp as a family in your back garden. When you have a few days to play with it’s a great chance to get your equipment out and check for any necessary repairs before the summer holiday.

Family ‘safari’
Suggest to family and friends that you all visit each other, with one household entertaining the others for one night at a time then all travelling on to the next location. Great fun whether you live close to each other or not, and each family only has to play host for 24 hours before you move on.


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Room swap
If you really feel like a change offer to swap bedrooms with your children. Spend the week moving furniture and redecorating. It sounds chaotic but actually it can be fun if everyone joins in, and creates the feel of a whole new home!

Savvy tip
Look forward to the week together. Ask everyone to nominate a favourite meal so every evening becomes ‘Joe’s night’ or ‘Mum’s night’ and you end the days in a celebratory mood.

Pass it on – tips for magical family days out
If you want to plan a few highlights inbetween quiet home days, check out our Savvy family days out: Outdoor Shows, Cycling, Fruit Picking,Nature Activities and Beachcombing.

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