Family time: things to do in a weekend

Family time: things to do in a weekend

Making the most of bank holidays or weekend breaks together

With younger children

Back garden sculpture park:
 Supersize your model making session and take huge boxes outside to create a ‘village’ of cardboard houses or to make a sculpture together. Having two days to create something makes it worth the mess.

Style weekend: Let your children give you a new hair colour (use temporary crazy sprays, of course) and allow them to dress up the whole family in fantasy costumes. Or put together a little fashion show with cuddly toys by making a few simple outfits out of old scraps of material.

Bird spotting: Find out what birds nest in your area (by checking out the RSPB website, linked below) and go on a bird watching mission. The next day get your child to draw pictures of the birds they saw and match the sounds you heard (maybe record them on your phone) with sounds reproduced on the ‘bird identifier’ section of the RSPB website.

With older children

Learn circus skills: Go online and find short videos for a few tricks you can all learn together. Practice one day then put on a show for each other or friends the next day.


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Explore by bike: Plan a cycle ride that takes you further than just a pedal round the park. Plan an overnight stay either with family or even camping, then continue your quest the following day. It takes a bit of planning but can be really rewarding. Find a route that suits you, in your local area, by visiting

Research your family tree: This might sound a rather old-fashioned hobby, but finding out not only the names but occupations of ancestors brings the history to life for kids. The National Archives website is a good place to get started.

Savvy tip
Find out what projects are coming up at your child’s school (often these are on the school website) and plan a trip out to somewhere that’s related to that theme (Tudors, Victorians, pondlife etc). They’ll have fun without realising they are learning something useful!

Pass it on – low-cost family fun

Check out these Five tips for a cheap day out.

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