Film club ideas

Film club ideas

Fun, cheap and easy to organize, a film club is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends

Book clubs and sewing clubs are a really popular way to have homely fun without spending too much money these days. But you can also make more of a night in with a great DVD, too. Here’s how.

Starting a club

From among your friends, find out who’s got what films on DVD and access to film subscription downloads, then organise your own film club (see our Pass it On link below).

As you would with a book club, discuss who is going to pick the next movie, then that friend gets to host the evening, perhaps even doing a bit of research to set the scene – finding out more about the story if it’s based on true events, for example.

Involve the kids
At times of the year when the weather is usually cold and wet, why not set up a Saturday morning  film club for the children and their friends?

Get the kids to make tickets to give to everyone, and heat up a batch of popcorn (easy to make and cheap).

Home parties

  • Invite friends round and ask everyone to bring a snack or a drink that’s inspired by the film you’re going to watch.
  • Invent Bond-like challenges for the grown-ups and the kids to master before all sitting down to a classic James Bond film.
  • Throw a 1980s vs 1950s party and put ‘Back to the Future’ or another retro family movie on for everyone to enjoy.

Savvy tip
Keep the movie ideas varied to appeal to everyone’s tastes and maybe every now and then just have a ‘classic movie scenes’ night where you all get to play a little of your favourite movies, so it’s fun for everyone.

Pass it on – see more movies for no money

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to start a club.

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