Five special celebrations

Five special celebrations

Fresh ideas for throwing landmark parties and family gatherings.

18th birthday party – farewell to childhood
Every guest is encouraged to do silly things adults shouldn’t really do.

  • Turn these things into games.
  • eg: eating ice cream and jelly with your hands, having a water balloon fight.

Friends reunion – my perfect day

Whether it’s old school friends or mates you just haven’t hooked up with in a while, try this to get everyone talking.

  • Ask everyone to come dressed in something that reminds them of one of their happiest moments since you all last met.
  • Over drinks you can catch up on each other’s stories.

Engagement party – wishing wall

Create a ‘wishing wall’ in your hallway or on a garden fence if you’re partying alfresco.

  • Leave out Post-it Notes and pencils or little squares of pretty paper that can be written on and pinned up.
  • Invite guests to make one wish for the newly engaged couple.
  • After the party collect the comments together and create a special scrapbook.

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Anniversary party – family portraits

Whether it’s a first anniversary or a 60th, these occasions usually involve family and friends who are rarely gathered in one place, so photos of the day make a great anniversary present.

  • Book a photographer to come along and capture the day.
  • You don’t need to go to the expense of an official ‘wedding’ photographer – book someone who can come along for an hour or so and do professional but ‘reportage’ snaps.

Baby’s first birthday – new parent awards
First birthdays are more of a ‘We’ve made it!’ celebration than a conventional child’s party.

  • Invite everyone to come up with something they think mummy and daddy deserve to celebrate at the end of the first year as parents.
  • Make them fun medals, rosettes or badges.
  • Add your own ‘award, eg: ‘Fastest nappy changer’, ‘Still making sense after 10 nights without sleep’, and ‘Looking great covered in baby food’.

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