Football super-fan quiz

Football super-fan quiz

Are you a mega football fan? What about the rest of your family? Pit your wits against our football superfan quiz and see if your performance can measure up to our top scorers

The rules

Answers are at the bottom of page. No peeking or it’s a red card. It’s one point per question. How did you or your team perform? Tell us how many you get right by leaving a comment at the bottom of the quiz with your score and check back to see if you’ve been crowned our football superfan quiz champion…

  1. Which famous football song is the work of Barry Stoller?
  2. What’s the size of a football goal?
  3. a) 2.44m high x 7.32m wide?  b) 2.76m high x 6.98m wide?  c) 2.50m high x 7.25m wide?
  4. How does a referee indicate that he’s saying play on?
  5. What’s the middle name of footballer Lionel Messi?
  6. a) Diego  b) Andrés   c) Sergio
  7. Which player famously featured in a TV advertisement for Head & Shoulders?
  8. What did English referee Graham Poll once hand out by mistake?
  9. Who famously said: ‘I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business but I was in the top one.’
  10. How long can a goalkeeper hold onto the ball at any one time?
  11. a) No more than 20 seconds   b) No more than 15 seconds   c) No more than six seconds

9) If teams taking penalties go through all their players and there is still no winner, the same sequence does not have to be followed as in the first round of kicks… True or false?
10) Complete this famous footballing phrase… ‘Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much ___________.' Get an extra point if you know who said it?
11) How many penalties is goalkeeper Joe Hart on record as scoring?
12) When extra time is needed, which side kicks off?
13) A player scores a goal and takes his shirt off. What should the referee do?a) Book himB) Reprimand himC) Allow him his moment of glory


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    1. The theme tune to Match of the Day
    2. A) 2.44m high x 7.32m wide?
    3. He will extend both arms out in front of his body
    4. B) Andrés
    5. Joe Hart
    6. A third yellow card
    7. Brian Clough
    8. C) No more than six seconds
    9. True
    10.  ‘…more important than that.’ Said by Bill Shankly
    11. Two. One for club and one for country
    12. The team that wins that coin toss
    13. A) Book him
How was your performance?

How did you or your family’s performance in our superfan quiz measure up? Please leave scores below so we can see who’ll be crowned our football superfan quiz champion.


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These words of Billa Shankly does not know, the other good answers 12/13.I'm a good fan ;)

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Boyfriend, got 12 right. At least all those hours watching football have not been wasted :0)

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not bad about 10 :)

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Husband got them all right except for number 10!

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not bad about 10 out of 12 before we had to look

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