Fresh air and fun

Fresh air and fun

As the clocks change and springtime hails the lighter evenings, it’s time to spend more time outdoors again with our family activities.

Spring is such an exciting time of the year. It’s not always super-warm just yet, but that doesn’t have to put you off getting outdoors to enjoy the extra hours of daytime light and the refreshing weather.
How about trying one of these different day out ideas?

1. The 2,000-step challenge If you’re struggling to get the kids off the sofa, turn a chance to stretch your legs into a competition. Many smartphones and music players have ‘pedometer’ functions on them, so why not get the whole family up and out for a 2,000-step walk? Make it longer or shorter, to suit teens or toddlers.

2. The sound effects trail Get the kids to record their outdoor activities on your phone, then create a soundtrack on the computer when they get home. Squelching mud, wind rustling leaves on the trees and bird song all make great background noises, and they can make up and narrate a story as they walk along.


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3. The muddy monsters Children of all ages love to get messy and nothing takes their minds off cold or wet weather than jumping over, in and around muddy puddles. So long as there’s a towel on standby and a warming bath when they get home, why not hold an impromptu competition? The child covered in the most mud by the end of your walk is the winner. (A lovely idea suggested by one of our SuperSavvyMe mums – thanks, SegTree!)

Great games for your trip to the park
If you’re taking your kids and their friends off to the park for an hour or more to let off steam, why not organise them into teams for a few informal sports? For spring, summer and autumn, try our Five fun park games.

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