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Fun ideas for Christmas parties

Lift everyone’s spirits with a few inspired ideas to make entertaining at home great for everyone from the kids to the grandparents.

Who’s who?

Collect together a few baby photographs from bygone times, put them up on the wall and get everyone to play ‘guess who’. See if they can tell the difference between mum and Uncle Ned!

Are you smarter than…?

Get everyone to write three quiz questions and put them all in a bowl, then take turns to pick them out. (Even little ones know fairy tales and rhymes they can challenge dad on, so just help them with the writing.) Set the kids and grown-ups in teams against each other and find out which generation knows best.

Movie critics

Get into teams. Each player in turn has to randomly pick a film title from the Christmas TV guide. Without using any of the words in the title, see how long it takes the team to guess the right movie from the description given. A quicker answer wins more points.


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Balloon portraits

Give everyone an inflated balloon and a soft-nibbed felt pen. They have to draw a portrait (another family member, or maybe a famous face) and everyone has to guess who they’ve drawn.

Savvy tip

If you’re busy with the meal, get the kids to organise the fun – challenge them to invent silly new rules for existing games or set puzzles for the grown-ups.

Pass it on – gimme five, Mastermind

Before the holiday ask your friends to each give you five of their toughest general knowledge questions (with answers) so you can compile the best Christmastime quiz ever. Email all the quiz questions out to everyone then find out just how brainy their family gatherings were!

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