Guide to Summer Activities

Guide to Summer Activities

Soak up some fun with our sensational summer suggestions for family days out and things to do.

Summer fun and sun are here, but before long you’ll be asking where they went. Make the most of this inviting season with our guide for warm weather merriment. From party ideas and outdoor activities, to crafts and recipes, we’ll help ensure that your summer will be one to remember!

Embrace the Outdoors
Whether in your own back garden or at the local park, heading outside is an excellent way to make the most of the warm summer sun and cool evening breezes. Gather your friends and family and treat all to an occasion to cherish.

Explore a castle
Get lost in the history of one of the country’s ancient properties. For children, playing knights and princesses is a perennially popular pastime, while grown-ups can release their inner Game of Thrones characters. With over 1,100 years of amazing history, a day at Warwick Castle is jam-packed with exhilarating daily show’s.From fearless jousting knights to spectacular birds of prey, there’s something for everyone!
Stay overnight year-round in a deluxe Tower Suite or enjoy Mediaeval Glamping in summer for a truly memorable short break. Open every day apart from Christmas Day, Warwick Castle brings history to life with its attractions, including Time Tower, The Castle Dungeon* (over-10s only, it’s that scary!) and a whole host of characters from history throughout the year! TIP Visit: to find some spectacular offers on visits to Warwick Castle. *Entry for the Castle Dungeon incurs an additional fee.

Throw a Summer Party
Send out the invites, fire up the barbeque and prepare for a night of fun outdoors. You can transport your guests to an exotic beach-inspired bash. Spruce up your outdoor décor with some beach themed touches, hang some colourful fairy lights and watch your guests get swept away.

TIP For drink ideas guaranteed to delight your guests’ taste buds, read our summer drinks article for inspiration.


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Go for a Picnic
For a relaxing family day out slow things down and enjoy the beauty which nature provides. Grab a blanket, hamper or cool bag, and head out to your nearest park, lake or other favourite natural spot for an afternoon of activities and good times.
Once there, your options are limitless. Coordinate a day of fun games for the kids, fly a kite or take an invigorating hike through the woods. Or if relaxation calls your name, bring a book and just soak up the view.

Set up Camp
Camping offers the perfect opportunity to re-connect with friends and family, all the while enjoying the warm weather. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows over the campfire, telling spooky stories or having a sing along; camping creates memories that last a lifetime. Utilize the natural splendour of your surroundings by having your kids capture what they find in a nature journal or even create a pressing, both guaranteed to spark conversation and fun well after the trip is over.

Cook up Fun
Cool off with recipes almost as fun to make as they are to enjoy! Homemade lemonade and juice, ice cream treats and ice lollies will refresh your taste buds and spirits, inside or out. For a more savoury spin on things, try fresh salads or cucumber pizza. They may become more than just a summertime treat!

How do you spend your summers? Are there any activities or events you like to fit in every year?

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