Family-Life 6 Halloween games and activities to play with kids

Halloween safety tips and fun ideas

Quick and easy tips to ensure October 31 is a lovely big treat and not a nasty trick!

Whether you enjoy hosting spooky parties or your kids simply love dressing up as black cats and handing out the candy to other kids on your doorstep, here are a few useful ideas to make sure your Halloween doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Seven tips for a happy Halloween

1. Stay with them: it’s a good idea to make sure at least one adult joins any group of children who are trick or treating – to keep young children safe and to ensure older ones are polite and don’t get over excited! (It’s fine for you to just linger at the gate when the kids go to the door.)

2. Keep numbers down: try to keep groups of kids to a maximum of four, otherwise people can feel overwhelmed when they open the door. If you have more children with you, split them into separate groups and follow with a few minutes gap.

3. Know their limits: make sure all children (of any age) are enjoying themselves. Some kids get scared with all the rushing and masked faces in the darkness. If you know your child will get scared, just dress up and play a few games at home.

4. Make treats safe for everyone: if you’re buying treats to hand out at the door, avoid sweets and cakes with nuts or gelatin in, so your treats suit as many children as possible. Remember, wrapped sweets make less sticky mess!

5. Don’t annoy the neighbours: only knock on doors at homes where there’s a lit pumpkin lantern or Halloween decorations in the window. There are many people, including the elderly, who don’t want strangers at their doorsteps.

6. Put a pumpkin out: if you DO want trick-or-treaters, put something spooky in the window or light a pumpkin lantern in your front garden to show they’re welcome.


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7. Don’t be a fire hazard: stay safe by using an LED tealight in your pumpkin lantern rather than a regular lit candle, if you can.

Three Halloween party ideas with a difference

With a bit of imagination, most party games can be adapted to the Halloween theme. For instance, ‘Pin The Wart On The Witch’ instead of ‘Pin The Tail On The Donkey’, or pass the pumpkin instead of pass the parcel. Here are some more ideas.

Make a monster
This is a great ice-breaker. Divide the guests into groups of five or six. Each group has 20 minutes to create a really scary monster from a collection of odds and ends like card, old magazines, loo rolls, bandages etc.

Ghost hunt
Make spiders and ghosts to hang in the trees and send the children out into the twilight to find them. For ghosts, cover lollipops with white tissue paper and draw on the eyes and mouth. Use black tissue paper over lollipops to create spiders, with pipe cleaners for legs. Any lollies they find are their prize.

Witches’ brew
Write out 20 ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ challenges and put them into a big ‘cauldron’ or a witch’s hat. Make most of the challenges treats, with a few gentle tricks like ‘make up a bat dance’ or ‘cackle like a witch’. Nothing too heavy!

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I love these ideas my Kids are going to love it this year when we try some out

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APPLE BOBBING!!!!! Fill your biggest basin/bucket/bath or small paddling pool with water and apples then remove the apples wiff ur teefs, make the water nice and shallow for the littlun's and really deep for the biggun's. Always goes down well, and anything to encourage fruit eating is good, no?

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I get a big bowl and fill it up with rice pudding and use food colouring green , red or orange and put a tick or a treat in for the kids when we do partys... kids love it..

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Every year for my birthday, I don't have to plan a day/night out with my friends and family. I just have to get dressed up and go trick or treating with my girls. Yeah I'm a witch (not really) just born on HALLOWEEN

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