Happy family air travel

Happy family air travel

A little planning can make a huge difference to getting your holiday off to a great start. Follow these key points and hopefully the security checks and potential flight delays won’t seem such a stressful start to your holiday.

Before you set off

• Check in beforehand – almost all flights can now be checked onto in advance, via the airline’s website. You’ll still need time to check in bags, but you’ll get the seats you want.
• Security check – make sure you read the detail of what can be taken onboard. This will save having to throw away bottles of shampoo, toothpaste etc at security. Remember, there is NO limit on these items in luggage you check in.
• Easy shoes – everyone should wear shoes that can be taken off quickly if security staff request it.

Savvy seat tip:
On a long flight with smaller children, book one seat on its own for one parent at a time to get a bit of a nap.

At the airport

• Check-in queues – pack the children off with one adult to have a smoothie while one of you makes good headway with the queue.
• Mind the kids – You don’t want any ‘I thought he was with you’ confusion so assign specific kids to each adult.
• Savvy waiting – avoid the shops and find a café table with a view of the planes.


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Savvy pre-boarding tip:
Buying flight snacks and drinks in the airport gives everyone more choice and it will be cheaper.


• Take a few things to distract the kids (check when it’s safe to use electronic games), but don’t take games with pieces that will get lost between seats.
• Don’t get out your bag of goodies all at once – produce one distraction at a time to maximise the amusement factor!

Savvy tip

‘Low-cost’ airlines might offer the chance to check-in more luggage for a fee but try a packed case on your scales at home before presuming you’ll need to pay extra. Airlines like British Airways allow children over 2 years the full adult luggage allowance.

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some of the above trips are really very helpful as it takes a lot of the stress away for you if you have kids with you at the airport

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