Hassle-free holiday checklist

Hassle-free holiday checklist

Start enjoying your holiday before you’ve even left home, with these tips on how to get organised for the year’s biggest trip.

Travel essentials

IN ADVANCE Make a checklist of items and documents needed for each aspect of your trip – getting to the airport or station, flights, hotel details, journey home etc. Collect together passports, tickets, booking confirmation print outs, timetables etc, put them in a travel wallet or envelope and leave this in a prominent place so every time you look at it you feel organised and  reassured.

TWO DAYS BEFORE YOU GO Double check that trains, roads or flights are not affected by maintenance works or timetable changes.

SAVVY TIP Check out our Happy travel tips for once you’re on the move!

Holiday packing list

IN ADVANCE List holiday activities and check local weather reports so you only pack items you’re really going to use. Choose clothes that work hard, eg a casual dress for day that also works in the evening with a shawl. Get out your luggage to check it’s all in good shape. Dig out your travel plug and put it in your case straight away.

TWO DAYS BEFORE YOU GO In your bedroom, leave cases open and start to pack. Check remaining washing before it’s too late.


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SAVVY TIP Put a work contact address on luggage so your home details are not visible when you’re travelling.

Household tasks

IN ADVANCE Cancel milk, arrange pet-sitting, avoid ordering clothes etc online which might get delivered to an empty house. Think about what bills are likely to be due and make advance payments for anything urgent.

Home security is often a worry when heading on holiday so stay organised and follow these tips to put yourself at ease:

TWO DAYS BEFORE YOU GO Cut grass so the garden won’t look abandoned, move bins so they won’t be collected and left standing in your pathway for days, check timer lights are working and put a timer on your radio or get a fake light deterrent which flickers as if you’re watching TV

SAVVY TIP Over-tidying your lounge might make the house seem deserted, but do put laptops, computer game handsets etc out of view.

Pass it on – travel cash sorted
Check out these tips for how much money to take and how to keep it safe: Holiday budget planner.

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