Home decorating with kids

Home decorating with kids

Fun DIY ideas kids and teenagers can get stuck into.

Getting started

  • Let your kids take the big decisions – where to move a bed to, swapping the sofa and the TV position in the lounge, switching curtains from room to room.
  • Being allowed to draw on walls is SO exciting! If possible, designate one plain wall in your child’s room for decorating with poster paints or water based pens.

Ideas for children to try

Photo walls
Get your child to pick lots of their favourite family snaps and use a row of large plastic slip cases (the ones you can fit 12 or 24 photos in for the cost of one regular photo frame) to create a wall of memories.

Fashion statement
If your child has a favourite dressing up costume or a party dress that they loved but doesn’t fit anymore, hang it up on the wall like a trophy.

Make bunting
Your child can make lengths of bunting by cutting out triangles of coloured paper, fabric or even magazine pages then attaching them to ribbon. Hang these from the corners of the ceiling to jolly up the tops of the walls.


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Ideas for teens to try

Reinvent the wardrobe
If your child has old furniture you don’t mind them painting, let them choose their own colours and get busy.

Stencil art
Remember that trend for painting patches of your walls through stencils? Patient teens can give this a go either in their own room or your lounge (if you feel brave enough) – it’s much less demanding than painting whole walls.

Making light
Get your teenager to think about how they want to use light in their room. A change of lightbulb colour or reorganising where desk and shelf lamps go can make an instant impact.

Savvy tip
With anything electrical or work that requires reaching high places, make sure an adult supervises, for safety reasons.

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