How to plan for the perfect bbq

How to plan the perfect BBQ

Supersavvyme's barbecue tips for outdoor dining fun with friends and family

Check your BBQ

Before you do anything check the condition of your BBQ especially if this will be its first outing since last year. If racks aren’t in tip top condition give them a 10-minute soak in Fairy Platinum then wipe away any grease effortlessly. Make sure you have plenty of coal, gas, lighters and utensils such as bbq tongs, brushes and skewers before the day of the barbeque.

Plan your BBQ menu

Choose your BBQ food to accommodate all types of guests. Most will want meat but some may prefer fish or be vegetarian. Fish is a great alternative to meat for a barbecue. A whole salmon cooked on a BBQ is delish!   It’s also worth getting mini burgers and small pieces of chicken for the kids.

Impress with super summer side dishes

As well as planning your meats, give some thought to the side dishes. Opt for herb infused salads and couscous dishes as well as traditional potato salads, sweetcorn, baked beans and coleslaw some of which can be prepared in advance. Avoid chips as they take too much care and attention but jacket potatoes are perfect.

Shop for condiments

Don't forget the condiments. A burger’s not a burger without ketchup! Mayonnaise, mustard, relish and pickles are also a good idea.

Don’t forgot to defrost

The day before your BBQ is the time to defrost and marinate your meats. Store any raw meat in sealed containers in the bottom of the fridge.

Check the size of your grill

Make sure you have enough grills for all your guests- no-one wants to wait for their burgers! Disposable BBQ’s will do the trick and they’re great for separate vegetarian cooking too.

Stock up on seating

Don’t worry about having enough outdoor seating. We always pop a blanket and cushions on the floor under a gazebo. The kids will set up camp there if the grown-ups don’t get there first. This is our key to having a relaxed atmosphere. You can’t be formal if you’re eating on the floor


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Set the scene

Set up the garden ready for a relaxed afternoon and evening first thing in the morning so it’s done. Cover tables with tablecloths, add bunting and arrange the chairs. Don’t forget to add a few citronella candles to keep bugs at bay for a more enjoyable outdoor dining experience.

Plan some entertainment

Lay out garden games to keep the kids entertained but avoid ball based games that will interfere with the BBQ - unless you have a nice big garden.

Bag plenty of buckets

Set up plenty of tables for food and drink and don’t forget a bucket or two for the drinks. Make sure everyone can help themselves.  Add water to the ice buckets as this will ensure the whole can or bottle is encased in coldness. Everything will chill down much quicker that way

Ditch the china

Opt for paper plates and cups if you have a lot of guests. It’s a good idea to have a bin in the garden next to the BBQ at the ready. Also start the BBQ with an empty dishwasher. If you need dishes cleaned in a hurry then Fairy All-in-One dishwasher tablets are ideal for a 30 minute cycle.

Light your BBQ in plenty of time

Remember that it takes a while to get the BBQ going but just a few coals to keep the heat alive so fire up the grill before your guests arrive.

Keep desserts simple

Keep dessert simple so you get a chance to sit down and chat with your guests. Ice cream with sprinkles or cupcakes are the perfect (and easy) answer for everyone. Or fill separate bowls with summer fruits, meringues, brownies and a jug of cream and let everyone help themselves.

If you follow our BBQ ideas you’ll be well prepared in advance, leaving you to enjoy spending time with your family and friends, what more could you want on a balmy summer evening?

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I buy those huge mushrooms, turn them upside down in a square of tin foil, add a knob of butter and some chopped garlic and wrap them in the foil. Put them on the outside edges of the bbq, not too near the main heat, when most of the meat is nearly done.They are lovely

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Some great tips, thank you. BBQ Banana with ice cream is lovely, and so simply :)

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On any bbq I add rosemary flakes its amazing flavour

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