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How to take better family snaps

Capture the moment beautifully without shelling out for professionally taken pictures

Take a proper look at the background

You want your family to be the main focus of the picture. If there’s too much going on in the background your eyes will be drawn away from the main attraction. We are in the era of photobombs after all. Ensure no-one is lurking in the background that could potentially ruin your picture.

Don’t let the sun get in their eyes

If you want your family to look picture perfect, you don’t want squinting eyes. Before taking your photo, check which way the sun is facing. Always having the sun behind your family and never in front of them. The sun can cast shadows which can make your photos too dark and you want the sun to be shining on your subjects not blinding them.

Get to know your camera and its settings

None of us like reading manuals, but blowing out of candles on a birthday cake only happens once. You don’t want to be restaging your children’s birthday wish just to get the perfect snap. At the click of a button you can select settings such as action, portrait, landscape and several others you didn’t think you needed until now.

Remember to turn the flash on

Okay it’s meant to be automatic but how often does the flash not work? Make sure you haven’t accidentally switched it to manual or been too snap happy and not waited enough time for your camera to warm up in between snaps.

Invest in rechargeable batteries

Whether you’re taking a trip to the park, going on a summer holiday or celebrating a birthday, the one thing that can ruin your day is for your camera to stop working. The likelihood it won’t be due to a camera malfunction but it will be the lack of batteries.


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Sometimes you’ve got one hundred and one things going on and it’s no wonder you have forgotten to buy spares. Rechargeable batteries are a lifesaver.

Do squish everyone together to get them all into the shot

If you’re trying to get the bigger picture and extended family in the frame don’t be afraid to tell people to move up. The best photos are when family gets up close and personal and look like they really love each other rather than an awkward stiff shot where everyone is miles apart. Not everyone likes having their picture taken but being asked to huddle up usually increases the chance of genuine smiles.

Create your own perfect family portrait

Not everyone has the money to pay for portraits but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on staging the perfect picture for the family album. All you need to do is a bit of planning and find a friend who is willing to take the photos for you.  Matching outfits would just be a bit weird but think about co-ordinating so you don’t clash and choose a plain background, anything busy will be far too distracting.

Utilise multiple shot setting

Sometimes blurred pictures do look artistic but not quite what you had in mind when you were talking pictures at your kids on sports day. If you really want to capture the moment and catch your fast moving kids in the act, you should use the multiple shot setting on your camera. That way you will have at least one photo that will catch action.

Don’t be afraid to ask a stranger

The likelihood is that no one will run off with your camera in the playground but it’s all very well having amazing shots of your kids but isn’t there something missing from the picture? Yes, you. If you’re worried about a stranger running off with your SLR, invest in a cheap camera for moments like this. What’s one more item in your overflowing handbag?

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I would advise in turning the flash off where possible - natural light in daytime photos much nicer and natural feeling.

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