Let's go to Australia for an exquisite vacation!

Let's go to Australia for an exquisite vacation!

Australia is a destination that can be accessed relatively easily from anywhere in Asia, and there are three major cities of different styles there. You can pick one city and have a long stay, or you can hop between cities. Here are our recommended Australian destinations, with a selection of the best spots to visit.

Cairns with a tropical atmosphere

Cairns, the Gold Coast, and Sydney are major tourist spots in Australia. Your destination will change according to what kind of activities you would like to enjoy – whether it be enjoying a beach resort, the nature of Australia, or shopping. If you would like to enjoy a beach resort, Cairns or the Gold Coast is recommended.
Cairns is a beautiful city bordering a coral reef. The scenery of the coral reef, and the blue sky and sea are so beautiful and almost otherworldly. It is a perfect paradise for those who want to spend an exquisite vacation. The coral reef and tropical fish are a must-see attraction that you can see by diving, snorkeling, or taking a glass-bottom boat ride. In Kuranda, a small village you can visit from Cairns, you can enjoy a rainforest, koala gardens, and a bird sanctuary.

The Gold Coast for beaches and lots of activities


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The Gold Coast is also a beach resort, but you can enjoy many more activities and gourmet food. The most popular beach is the Burleigh Heads Beach. It is also a perfect photo spot because of its scenery made of a beautiful sea and sky, along with the high-rise buildings in Surfers Paradise.
If you are traveling with children, The Rockpools is recommended. It is a park with no admission charge and several shallow water pools in which you can play. There is also various play equipment there that children can enjoy. Because of the beautiful scenery, even adults can find the park very enjoyable.

Sydney – the largest city in Australia

If you would like to enjoy many activities, including shopping, gourmet food, esthetic salons, and sightseeing, Sydney is a place for you. The city is also known as a beautiful port town, and Port Sydney is worth visiting if you are in Sydney. It is a port where large passenger ships go in and out, including not only tourist boats but also international cruise ships. You can see all the iconic buildings of Sydney, such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. If you take a photo with these buildings in the background, it will serve as a beautiful commemorative photo that makes it obvious you were in Sydney from just a glance.

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