Make the most of summer nights

Make the most of summer nights

Enjoy the lighter evenings and get some extra me-time at the end of a busy day. Try these simple ways to squeeze more into the warm evenings and longer days of June and July.

Make a family date

Instead of heading home after work and school, pick up younger kids or arrange to meet older sons and daughters and have tea out – park cafés stay open later in the summer months and won’t cost as much as the usual family restaurant trip would.

An evening walk
At first this seems like the last thing you’d want to do when there are dishes to wash and kids to put to bed, but even a 10- or 20-minute walk or cycle ride as dusk falls can be really refreshing – especially as it begins to cool after a really hot day.

Change supper time
Move dinner an hour earlier so you can fit in time to cuddle up and watch a whole film on DVD before bedtime, or move supper an hour later and get everyone round the table for a game of Scrabble before you eat.


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Sleep under the stars
Why not try glamping, to make camping a bit more fun? Warwick Castle has family tents decked out in medieval style so you and the kids can experience the middle ages – with all the mod cons. The grounds of this thousand-year-old castle are magical, making this a not-to-be-missed experience. We have lots of amazing offers in conjunction with Warwick Castle-visit: for more information.

Savvy tip
Cloudless skies in summer are great for star gazing. Look up a few of the more interesting constellations and get your garden chairs out, take a few blankets outside and serve up hot chocolate while you look up to see what the night sky really looks like from your own back yard. Who’ll be the first to spot the North Star, or Orion with its three little stars in a row in the middle of its formation?

Pass it on – garden dining room
Keep the summer spirit going by having breakfast, lunch and dinner outside. Check out our Savvy Alfresco Eating tips.

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Hi, we have made the most of the summer evening we have had some bbq's with family and friends around, lots of meat on the bbq and lots of fresh strawberries and cream and jugs of pimms with loads of freshly sliced fruit fab.

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