Make your own summer necklace

Make your own summer necklace

Create a stylish piece of jewellery to match any outfit and discover a relaxing, easy new hobby while you’re at it

Your clothes and your shoes are impeccable. Your make-up is perfect. But without the right accessories… your look is not complete. If you learn how to make your own necklaces you’ll always have something that co-ordinates your look with a real sense of style.

Trends rule

It’s easy to find all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes of beads, ribbons etc at hobby stores, so you can mix and match depending on what the latest seasonal styles are:
•For the beach – fluorescent colours like fuchsia, green and blue.
•For the days out – fruity hues like lime green, strawberry red and lemon yellow.
•For a night out – deep reds and rich corals, or pastel sky blue and pink for hippy chic.
Make yourself some long necklaces that can be double- or triple- wrapped around your neck or tied beneath the bust, and other shorter ones that can be worn with open-necked clothes.

Bead necklaces

You will need

•Nylon thread (or fishing line)
•1 screw-type clasp for each necklace
•Rods and beads in the colours of your choice


1. Take the thread and cut it to the length you need.

2. Place one of the clasps at one end of the thread. Pull the thread through the hole in the clasp. Fasten it well with a double knot.

3. Feed the beads and the rods onto the thread. For example, you can do a design with one white rod followed by three red, blue or fuchsia beads.

4. Repeat the sequence up to 5 centimeters from the end.

5. Attach the clasp to the other end.

Button necklaces

You will need

• A length of leather cord or thong from a hobby or craft store.
• Wood, mother-of-pearl or hand-painted buttons.
• Seek out vintage buttons and quirky little trinkets in charity shops.


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1. Cut the cord to the desired size.

2. Attach each button, sewing it to the cord with thread in the same colour.

3. Finish by tying or sewing the ends together.

Hairpin choker necklaces

You will need

•Jewellery wire or satin ribbon
•Several boxes of hairpins, painted with nail polish in the colour of your choice.
•1 screw-type clasp for each necklace


1. Simply clip the desired number of hairpins on the wire, with the ends facing the same way so that they will circle your neck when you put the necklace on.

2.Combine colours, make a graduated design, or put bright colours in the centre and softer colors on the sides.

3. And of course, add the screw-type clasps on the ends. That’s it!

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*Always exercise caution when using sharp tools.

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