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Long weekend breaks can be a god-send when it comes to getting up to date with your household chores. But it’s easy for your time to be taken over with catching up, when you really want to spend quality time with your family. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your three day weekend.


It’s finally Spring, so it’s time to embrace your green fingers. A good way to make the most of  the season is with a vegetable  garden. The great thing is, your children can get involved in growing vegetables too, and come summer, you’ll have an abundance of  home-grown fresh produce. Here are a couple of ideas to  grow your own:

Planting and spacing: Plant seeds ½ inch deep and approximately 1 ½ inches apart.

Harvesting: Spinach can reach heights of 12 inches, but it’s best to harvest earlier. Harvest full size spinach before it flowers at the soil line, and clip small baby spinach leaves after 3-5 weeks. Snap off the outer leaves, or shear the entire plant 3-4 inches above the ground.

Planting and spacing: Plant the seeds about 2 and ½ inches deep, and gently firm the soil around them. Keep soil moist to ensure even germination. Space green and red leaf lettuces 4-8 inches apart;

Harvesting: Use the entire head or snap outer leaves when thinnings are large enough to eat. Plant new lettuce every three weeks for a continuous supply.

Tip: When the central stem of a lettuce or spinach plant begins to elongate, it’s beginning to flower (bolt), so pull and eat the entire plant.

Fact: Spinach has very high nutritional value and is rich in antioxidants, especially when fresh, steamed, or quickly boiled. There are lots of delicious spinach recipes out there - perfect for family meal ideas!


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With more financial obligations transacted over the Internet, it seems financial paperwork, receipts, and files need to be more organised than ever. A long weekend gives you a wonderful opportunity to tackle those stacks of personal finance paperwork.

The key point to remember when sorting your finances is to stay organised. Sort your monthly items into three folders: “monthly bills” and “monthly receipts”. Once you have paid a bill, mark with the date and put it in an “Inactive monthly” folder. At the end of the month double-check everything in your “Inactive” folder and shred anything that’s been recorded.

Once you have your finances sorted, you can spend the afternoon on a family day out. The great thing about sorting your receipts is you will know exactly how much you can spend on your family so you won’t have to worry about those family treats! You can even manage your savings for that once in a lifetime family trip.


Day three is the perfect time to get up to date with your housework, but there’s no need to make this spill into time with your family. Here’s three quick tips for general household tasks so you can speed through your cleaning, but still get results.

Chores for kids: Give family members specific housekeeping tasks and responsibilities to do at specific times –give children small rewards when they do really well in order to keep them engaged and willing to help around the house.

Washing up: When it comes to washing up or stacking your dish washer, it’s important to stay methodical. Start with the largest items first and work your way down to make sure you make the most of your dishwasher spaces or draining board. Use Fairy All in One Dishwasher Tablets so you can get super clean dishes in just 30 minutes!

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