Car games for kids this August bank holiday

With the long bank holiday weekend this month there's plenty of time to get out and about as a family but, before you hit the road take a look at our road trip checklist that includes healthy snacks and some great car games for kids…..

Long weekend breaks are the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time as a family. Whether it’s visiting relatives, friends or perhaps enjoying a staycation.

If you’re planning to head away for the weekend then it certainly pays to be prepared to ensure the family has a fun and relaxed car journey.  Here are a few things to try to keep everyone entertained so you’re ready to enjoy your destination when you arrive.

Great healthy car snacks

Get some snacks together for the car that everyone will enjoy. Try taking some carrot and cucumber sticks with individual pots of humus for everyone or little bags of popcorn. If you’re looking for something sweet then try grapes or sliced apples rather than sticky fruits and if you fancy taking biscuits then it might be best to steer clear of chocolate to avoid any grubby fingerprints.

Fun car games

Games are a great way to pass the time during a long (or short!) car journey. Here are some good car games for kids:

20 questions
Pick a famous person that the whole family will be aware of, try thinking of characters from your family’s favourite films or books, and then give the other family members 20 questions to guess who you are describing. The one who guesses correctly takes the next go.


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Yellow car
Each time someone spots a yellow car they get a point – the first one to five gets to choose the next song to play on the stereo – simple!

The Alphabet naming game
Pick a theme (animals, colours, fictional characters) and work your way through the alphabet with each member of the family taking it in turns to give an answer for the letter they’re on. See how far you can get without getting stuck!

Family friendly car environment

If you want to arrive at your destination with everyone still getting along then think about the atmosphere in the car. Take a collection of music that everyone likes, comfy blankets or pillows if it’s a long journey and to avoid the air becoming stale after a couple of hours, try a Febreze Car air freshener in Aqua or Blossom & Breeze to keep the car smelling fresh!

Start a family conversation

Take the opportunity to catch up with each other, it might sound obvious but with everyone’s different commitments and activities sometimes it can be difficult finding time to catch up. So take the time to talk to each other about everything and anything that takes your fancy. Use route planning as a conversation starter and get the kids excited about your destination!

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going through the alphabet with names of animals begining with, not as easy as it sounds

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