Quality holiday time at home

Quality holiday time at home

It’s not just about opening presents! Little touches, like creating game time or sharing memories will help to make the most of your Christmas break with family and friends. Try these ideas.

During the holidays the chances are you’ll have guests of all ages and interests passing through your home. Why not try some of these ideas for spending time together?

2013 ‘Family Awards’
Ask everyone to think of one experience, memory, person or event they remember as a highlight of the last 12 months for your own ‘2013 Family Awards’. Don’t think Oscar speeches – it’s all about ‘Grandpa’s prize winning marrow’, ‘Susan learning to ride a bike’ or ‘Mum’s attempt at karaoke on holiday’.

Christmas wrapping challenge
Pit your model making skills against each other to see who can build the best model of a famous landmark using just the torn bits of Christmas wrapping after the gifts have been opened. It works best in teams – perhaps the kids vs the parents, or mums vs dads.

Cake decorating
Make (or buy) a batch of plain fairy cakes in advance, then quickly mix up a large bowl of icing, put out colourings, sprinkles etc, and invite grown-ups and kids to design their own cake decorations. Why not get everyone to draw self-portraits on their cakes with writing icing?


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Card trick school
Call in the skills of an uncle or a teenager who knows a few tricks or, just before the big day, get your kids to look up some nifty card tricks online to teach the rest of you. Divide into two ‘teams’ so each half can amaze the other with their talents.

Drinks tasting
No, not an excuse to get carried away! This works great with soft drinks. Get a row of little cups and fill them with different brands of one kind of drink (e.g. five different lemonades), then ask your guests to do a blind tasting. Does the most expensive brand win out or is there an unexpected value champ?

Make time to have fun
You’ll have more time on your hands if you get your willing washer-uppers to use Fairy Platinum washing up liquid –  so powerful that baked on grease is easy to clean after just a 10 minute soak.

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