Quick fix holiday ideas

Quick fix holiday ideas

Left your holiday plans until the last minute? Try these shortcuts and tips on what to look for when planning and booking a holiday in a hurry.

Five steps to get you booking

1. Make your own travel planner
Draw up a list of things you want to do on holiday, what kind of climate you like, and whether a hotel, cottage or campsite suits your style.  

2. Choose  your transport
Air travel takes you further but in school breaks there aren’t many cheap deals, and getting to and through airports can add cost and inconvenience to journeys. Think creatively about alternatives. Eg: Even if you’re going abroad, taking your car on a ferry and an overnight stay en route to your destination might actually be cheaper than flying.

3. Pick a country
Once you’ve considered the issues above, you’ll have a good idea  of the holiday destinations that fit your budget.. Be decisive and now do your online research for one country.


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4. Looking for the perfect  holiday accommodation
From a luxury hotel room to a simple caravan, use ‘advance search’ buttons on holiday websites to save time and narrow down your options for late holiday deals. Don’t just search by date and cost, but also types of accommodation, distance from key places like the beach, holiday preferences like places that accept or don’t take dogs, etc.

5. Read between the lines
Check a satellite map view online to see how far the beach really is from where you want to stay, read descriptions carefully for things like beds that are actually only big enough for children, and terms like ‘centrally located’ which can mean they’re in the middle of a noisy town.

Savvy tip

Don’t forget to factor in extra costs like bedding hire and cleaning, baby seats if you're hiring a car, motorway tolls and petrol if you’re driving, and so on. For tips, check out Holiday budget planner.

Pass it on – tips for  family holidays with small children
  • Avoid places with swimming pools that aren’t gated or supervised.
  • Look at the photos – are floors cosy enough for crawling babies, are stairs fitted with gates and is the bedroom big enough for a travel cot to stand alongside your bed?
  • Small children have little energy for sightseeing, so pick accommodation that is comfortable and spacious enough for unwinding when your child is tired/napping.
  • Self-catering allows you to go at your own pace – children’s eating habits don’t always fit with hotel mealtimes.

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