Savvy travel check-list

Savvy travel check-list

Be organised and don’t let any slip-ups ruin your trip. Getting sorted for your holiday can leave you too frazzled to enjoy the first week away! Tick your tasks off this list and get ready to relax.

Holiday details

  • Make sure you have all the ticket information in one place, and give a copy to someone who isn’t travelling with you, in case of emergencies.
  • Check all your health, insurance and passport documents are up to date, ideally at least two weeks before travelling. Check out our at-a-glance article Documents at the ready in our savvy guide.

Internet access

  • Even if you like to switch off when you’re away, your children use your smartphone for games and you might need internet access for your airline’s return check-in.
  • Roaming charges have been drastically reduced, but check your provider’s tariffs for mobile broadband to make sure there are no hidden extra costs.



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  • Don’t forget to take a travel plug so the whole family’s games, gadgets and phones can stay charged up.
  • Pack as much of this in your suitcases for the hold otherwise you will be tangled up in wires getting everything out of hand luggage at airport security.

Holiday money

  • Don’t presume you have to get lots of local currency out in advance.
  • For tips on what to budget for, safe options for cards and cash abroad, and how to avoid overspending, check out our article Holiday budget planner.

Savvy tip
Home safety. Get timer switches for lights and a radio so the house won’t look empty. Move refuse bins and boxes to the rear of your home if you can – rubbish that is collected with the bin left in the pathway for days is a tell tale sign you are away. Ask a neighbour to push through anything left half-hanging out of your letterbox.

Pass it on – savvy insurance
Check out our useful tips on buying the most cost-effective travel insurance for your family’s needs.

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