Summer of sport make its

Summer of sport make its

Prepare to join in the Brazil party spirit with three easy samba instrument step-by-step make its kids will love to try

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Samba bell bracelets

Shake along to the sounds of the samba with these easy to make jingly samba bracelets which mean even the littlest of little ones can join in the performance.

Preparation: You will need

  • Girls’ ponytail elastics
  • Elastic thread – if you can find some that’s sparkly, excellent. If not, ordinary colours will do
  • Tiny round bells, available from craft shops

How to make it

  • Check the size of the ponytail band around your child’s wrist. If it’s too tight, snip the band and tie two together to make a more comfortable fit.
  • Tie four of the bells to the ponytail band using the elastic thread.
  • Make sure they’re spaced out equally around the bracelet.
  • You’re good to go. Start jingling!
Samba trumpet

Give your little ones the confidence to blow their own horns with this homemade trumpet
[Crosshead] Preparation: You will need

  • Cardboard tube from a kitchen roll or the middle of foil or cling film
  • An old cereal box
  • A plastic cup
  • Duct tape

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How to make it

  • Cut the cardboard tube right down its length and cut the bottom out of your plastic cup.
  • Fit the cardboard tube around the cup, holding it in place with the duct tape.
  • You’ll see a hole where the tube has been expanded to hold the cup in place. Cover this with a piece of cardboard and duct tape in place.
  • Now wrap duct tape right the way along your trumpet to seal it completely into shape. Use different coloured tapes to get the colours of your football team or country.
  • Now blow!
Samba shaker

Make some noise with a homemade samba shaker. Really easy to make, even if you’re a craft novice.

Preparation: You will need

A cylindrical container with a lid that can be re-sealed

  • A handful of dried pulses
  • Paper, duct tape and pens/paints for decoration

How to make it

  • Make sure your container is empty and clean.
  • Fill with a handful of the pulses and re-attach the lid.
  • Seal the lid with duct tape and then wrap paper around the container and seal with tape.
  • Decorate the paper with images of your choice. You could use the colours of your favourite football team, or the yellow and green of Brazil.

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